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Everything you need to know about the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine

Are you looking for a way to bolster compliance with employee awards to ensure employee pay and entitlements are accurate? You may want to consider using the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine. This software can help you manage employee awards in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Here's a look at what the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine can do for you.

Humanforce Award Interpretation Blog

Developed by Humanforce, the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine is a powerful solution that can flexibly and securely automate thousands of unique and complex rule scenarios simultaneously. This gives your workforce access to accurate and real-time data, allowing them to make quick decisions.

The Award Interpreter easily automates complex award and agreement calculations, leave, TOIL and complex accrual rates. It also syncs with your payroll system and manages timesheets, staff detail changes and new roles or sites.

In other words, the software takes the hassle out of award interpretation. With the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine, you can confidently pay your team correctly for every shift.


How does the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine work?

The Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine helps organisations cost-effectively and compliantly roster their staff. The engine considers each organisation’s unique rules and requirements and the restrictions set by the award under which workers are employed.

Humanforce also provides real-time management of on-roster cost vs budget and ‘what if’ analysis on cost and compliance for shift swaps and other critical decision points. The engine then compiles and formats data for direct integration with leading payroll systems. Humanforce thus offers a comprehensive solution for managing leave requests, accruals, deductions and all other rostering needs.


How can Humanforce help my organisation’s performance?

The Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine is designed to take the hassle out of managing payroll and compliance. It can help in a number of ways, including:

  • Automatically calculating and assigning rostered and authorised hours to pay rate categories.
  • Enforcing compliance rules that set restrictions on how staff can be rostered.
  • Providing real-time on-roster cost vs budget management and approval thresholds.
  • Carrying out a ‘What if?’ analysis on cost and compliance for shift swaps and critical decision points relating to cost reporting and history, including full audit logs on every shift.
  • Compiling and formatting data for direct integration with leading payroll systems
  • Managing leave requests, accruals and deductions. Each award profile factors in award rules or other documented rules, like EBAs.

Overall, Humanforce can save you time and money by taking care of your little details.


What are the benefits of using the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine?

The Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine is designed to handle all overtime, holidays or loading levels and can capture timesheet data to reduce fraud risk. Some of the top benefits of using the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine include:


Automated awards
Humanforce is a great way to automate your payroll processing. Humanforce Payroll is fully integrated with our Workforce Management solution, allowing for seamless roster to payroll service delivery. With our Workforce Management software, you can also easily integrate with more than 100 payroll providers. Humanforce automates the handling of all levels of overtime, holidays or loadings. This means you don’t have to worry about manually interpreting or data entry.

Humanforce also automatically captures timesheet data, which reduces the risk of fraud. Automating your payroll process with our Award Interpretation Engine is a great way to improve accuracy and efficiency in your organisation.

Privacy and protection
Humanforce provides its clients with superior security at every level. Our data security and privacy leaders work with clients to ensure compliance with global privacy acts, such as GDPR.

Humanforce’s benefits include:

  • Taking back time managing complex requirements in-house
  • Securing record storage
  • Having a clear chain of authorisation

Humanforce’s clients can be confident that their data and privacy are secure. We are the trusted partner for organisations that value security and privacy.


Rostering partner
Human error is inevitable. No matter how hard we try, there will always be times when we make mistakes. This is especially true when it comes to scheduling. With so many variables to consider, it’s easy to overlook something important. However, the Alerts and Errors feature can help to minimise the risk of scheduling mistakes.

By flagging potential problems, Humanforce’s software allows you to fix them before they cause any damage. As a result, you can say goodbye to last-minute no-shows or shift cancellations and the resulting angry customers.

The Alerts and Errors feature can also help you to manage maximum and minimum hour requirements, annualised wage arrangements and vaccine-related requirements.


How can I get started with the Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine?

With Humanforce, companies can take the guesswork out of interpreting awards and focus on what matters most: running their business. Humanforce’s Award Interpreter uses artificial intelligence to read and interpret awards, identify key issues and provide recommendations on resolving them.

The Award Interpretation Engine is constantly learning, so it improves over time. If you’re ready to take award interpretation off your to-do list, book a free demo today to see how Humanforce can help streamline your benefits administration.


Who should use Humanforce?

Humanforce Award Interpretation Engine is the perfect solution for businesses looking for workforce management software packed with features and useful functionality.

With Humanforce, you can track employee performance, identify potential issues early on and take action to improve your business. In addition, Humanforce offers a variety of features that other companies do not, such as the ability to create custom reports and access customer support 24/7.

As a result, Humanforce is the perfect choice for businesses that want the best employee management software on the market.


Why choose Humanforce?

We have built our solution from the ground up to meet the unique needs of businesses operating shift-based workforces. Humanforce is powering more than 1,300 organisations across the globe to deliver cost-effective, compliant rosters in minutes. Contact us to get started.