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Streamlined payroll solutions for compliance confidence

Deliver compliant, accurate and automated payroll that’s integrated in your Humanforce suite, for a seamless end-to-end solution.

Earned wage access has never been simpler, with seamless integration across Humanforce Payroll and WFM. Unlock the potential to increase employee wellbeing, retention and shift take up, while reducing your time-to-hire.


Simplified payroll solutions

Automated Payroll
Automated and fully integrated payroll & WFM
Payroll and super compliance
All-in-one user experience

Compliance confidence

From roster to payroll, minimise manual and time-consuming administration all while reducing the risk of human error.


  • Removes administrative burden and error risk
  • Accurate and automated, from timesheet to payslip
  • Removes the burden of configuring and maintaining 3rd party payroll integrations

Our payroll partner ecosystem

Humanforce integrates with a number of partners to deliver your desired end-to-end solution. When it comes to payroll, you can select from Humanforce Payroll or we can integrate with your existing payroll solution, through 100+ pre-configured integrations and an open API.


Questions about Payroll

For You
For Your Team
For Your Customers

1. Is Humanforce Payroll right for me?

Humanforce Payroll is natively integrated with Humanforce and provides a seamless experience. Depending on your organisational structure, industry and/or other integration requirements, our payroll software may be the best payroll software for you. To find out more, get in touch or book a demo.

2. I’m an existing Humanforce Customer, how can I get Humanforce Payroll?

3. How does Humanforce’s payroll software ensure compliance?


What our customers say

picture of yusi newman
Yusi Newnham
CPA Finance Manager

Now we do it all ourselves, so we have complete visibility over our rosters, availability and leave. Wage control used to be nigh on impossible. Now, each store has the information it needs to stay in control of costs, and that of course aids group profit.

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