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A Perfect Partnership: Forging a stronger CHRO/CIO union

All executive relationships are critical to business success, but many would argue that with technology, talent and workplace culture all now recognised as essential for gaining a competitive edge, a strong partnership between IT and HR leaders may be the most critical. This eBook outlines how HR leaders can forge a mutually beneficial allegiance with their IT leader peers.

Every business is a technology business

Technology has not just transformed our lives – it is also shaping how, where and when we work. For that reason alone, every company in 2023 is a technology company, regardless of the industry in which they operate. Digital transformation plans that once took years are now occurring in months. Research shows that 97% of executives believe the pandemic sped up their digital transformation, and 79% said COVID-19 forced them to increase budgets for it.[1]

A strong partnership between the HR and IT function can reap significant dividends. Our eBook outlines 6 key elements that are facilitating this closer bond, such as the rise of the cloud, the increased use of mobile technology and big data in HR, and the very real risk of cyber security breaches.

The cross-over between CHROs and CIOs

As technology’s role in business increases, its impact on corporate culture cannot be denied. Increasingly, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are being asked to advise and make recommendations on how technology can positively – or otherwise – impact culture. Similarly, HR leaders are expected to have at least a foundational knowledge of the tech tools available to the business, what training needs to occur to ensure workers can use those tools, and how to sustain lasting use of those tools.

In addition, with skills shortages impacting many IT teams, the partnership between HR and IT leaders has never been more critical.

Our eBook provides 5 handy tips for breaking down silos between HR and IT, including:

  • Choosing your business partner with care
  • Engaging your business partner in all phases of strategy
  • Developing a dynamic IT team
  • Improving internal relations between the two teams
  • Ensuring the technology develops in lock-step with HR policies

By pooling their expertise, CIOs and CHROs can ‘complete’ each other, cancelling out any knowledge/experience gaps, playing to strengths, and ultimately forming a team the CEO can rely on.

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[1] Forbes, “97% Of Executives Say Covid-19 Sped Up Digital Transformation”, 2020