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Improving Worker Retention in Challenging Times

The world of work has changed. Download our guide to help you retain and grow your teams in this new era

From 80 year-olds using Zoom to families increasingly purchasing goods and services online, there was perhaps more widespread adoption of technology during the height of the pandemic than at any other time in human history. These trends are unlikely to disappear in a post-COVID world. If anything, they will continue to escalate.

The impact on the world of work has also been profound. Everyone from HR executives to frontline managers understands the value of employing and retaining highly engaged people. But never has employee retention been more important than it is today as we all try to navigate through a freshly ignited war for talent. Organisations must consider changing their processes and make significant improvements to their technology in order to support the evolving needs of their workers in this changing world.

In this eBook we will delve into the current challenges impacting the employee experience, as well as provide actionable insights to help you boost staff longevity within your organisation. Special focus will be given to the modern ‘casual economy’ workforce, consisting of mobile and shift-based workers. We’ll examine how the pandemic has fundamentally changed their perception of work, and how you can leverage these workers in ways that benefit your organisation and your customers.