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Clean Event Services

With multiple cleaning contracts across all types of venues, Clean Event Services needed to change the way that they worked, that’s why they asked Humanforce to implement a system across their stadium, racing event and shopping teams.



Requiring hundreds of staff to be managed across multiple sites meant manual processes were resulting in a pile of paperwork, too much time wasted and possible inaccuracies.

“We were looking to try and take ourselves to the next step in terms of technology, in terms of speeding up efficiencies and delivering far better service to our staff and clients with progressive management of time systems, and Humanforce fitted very well with that.”


When you know who is working and where, you can easily respond to changes in demand throughout the day, additional cleaning requirements and overstaffing quickly. No-one goes missing and sharing staff across the venues is simple when you can see everyone’s experience and skill sets. With everything set up in one system, you know where everyone has worked, when, and at what rate, with no extra data entry needed to run payroll, because that all happened automatically at clock in and clock off. All shift costs are accounted for, even agency staff, additional offered shifts, leave planning and availability mapping is all online, so your team easily know what extra shifts they can do and plan their holidays to.

– Darren Lewis DMS, Venue Contract Manager, Emirates Stadium (Arsenal), Clean Event Services


● Improved Rostering Efficiency and Clarity
● Forecasting for Visibility & Budget Planning
● Streamlined check-in processes save time and add security
● Single platform to manage all operations and agency staff

img We’re certainly enjoying the speed and the efficiency of the system, the benefits its giving them in terms of time back, to focus more on delivering the cleaning service so taking away from the administration time. Really I’m quite enthused myself about the feedback that I’m getting from my team. img