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Gazal Group

Gazal Corporation Limited is one of the largest publicly listed branded apparel companies in Australia. Based in Sydney and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, the company specialises in developing and building national and international brands in the apparel and fashion accessories industry, sold under such brand names as Van Heusen, Calvin Klein, Nancy Ganz and Bracks.

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To improve the efficiency of timesheets, bundy cards, award interpretation and keying in payroll data, Gazal Group engaged Humanforce’s workforce management solution, Humanforce. This decision has moved Gazal Group away from tedious manual processes and towards the future of workforce management.


With over 40 rosters across retail and warehouse locations, “spreadsheets used to get populated and passed around and you’d have a paper roster pinned up for staff to check when they were rostered on”.

“Now, the teams can easily access their rosters online at any time… this has cut down inaccuracy and confusion”. Furthermore “managers have complete visibility of how they are tracking and the manager is more accountable for the labour budgets of their stores.”

“Before working with Humanforce, Gazal Group’s two payroll staff spent eight days entering and completing payroll. Now, with Humanforce, it takes just four hours…they just check the data against the payroll to ensure it matches what’s in Humanforce and what we are paying is correct. The Humanforce system and our Sage Micropay Payroll system are now seamlessly integrated.”

The labour-intensive and error prone process of manual award interpretations has been replaced. Humanforce automatically manages award interpretation.

Humanforce’s solution allows Gazal to utilise Hitachi’s VeinID Biometric Authentication, providing labour cost visibility through identifying individual vein patterns.

img Humanforce has enabled us to cut the time managing awards by approximately 75-80%. Now we adjust awards just once a year when the details change at tax time. img

– Alfred Grasso, IT and Infrastructure Manager, Gazal Group


● Attribution of labour costs
● Real-time reporting and forecasting
● Biometric authentication for complete visibility
● Payroll processing time saved and errors reduced
● Automated rostering to improve efficiency
● Time spent completing payroll reduced by 90%
● Time spend managing awards reduced by 80%