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Rostering for Aged Care during COVID-19

It is undeniable that all workers, volunteers, patients, and families of those dedicated to the aged care industry have felt the brunt of COVID-19. The irreplaceable job of caring for our most vulnerable members of society also faces challenges with continuing compliance pressure and scrutiny.

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Scheduling and rostering for the needs of Aged Care can be complex enough.  Not only is there a need to manage qualifications and payroll compliance but rosters need to manage PRPD ratios too. Recent changes in Victoria has added in the complexity of ensuring that staff from one centre does not work in other centres. Furthermore, more regulations on unpaid or paid leave, issues with unworked hours and reinstated shifts, short-term contracts, or rate-tracking, aged care organisations must adapt to shifting conditions in an agile manner.

The latest requirements issued by the Victorian Government for employers who require their staff to attend a work site mandates a Permitted Worker Permit. A flexible workforce management system is an easy way to manage employee permits and app capability reduces the risk to employees of misplacing their permits. Click here for our guide on using Humanforce to populate Permitted Worker Permits.

With such a fast pace of changing requirements and legislation it’s not easy to stay on top of the changes and communicating them to the front line.  But a frontline who knows what has changed and how they will be impacted will be more engaged and aligned to the constant changes that are facing aged care. Never has it been more important to communicate to your workforce.  So, in addition to understanding the change, analysing the impact, making the necessary changes we need to communicate through the process.

Quick and efficient remote communication and the navigation of the ever-changing workforce requirements are difficult to navigate without a workforce management solution.

Our team at Humanforce has developed aged care rostering software solutions to the new state and federal workforce regulations so you can keep on top of compliance and continue to provide the best level of care. Contact us here.

Our configurable rostering, reporting, live-tracking, and award interpretation make dealing with compliance scenarios manageable so you can stay focused with the job that you want to do – protecting the most vulnerable members of our society.

Want to know more about how we can help you keep compliant and efficient during the waves of COVID-19? Check out our guide here. 



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