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Mining & Energy

Spot checks and fines for non-compliance can be costly. Keep projects on-track and costs under control on your next Mining or Energy project.


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A better shift based mining solution

Humanforce protects your Mining and Energy projects through accurate, real-time attendance monitoring through tablet and swipe card reader solutions.

Store and access real-time attendance data, evacuation reporting for OH&S requirements, and job cost reporting that tracks actual labour hours and costs against project budgets.


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Balancing Revenue & Requirements

High-pressure environments come with high revenues, but organisations must still balance safety and compliance with profitability.

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Flexible Rostering & Reporting

Fully-costed project rostering in Humanforce enables better job forecasting and labour cost modeling for job tenders.

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Complex Awards

Complex EBAs and allowances make project management unnecessarily difficult for mining organisations and team leaders.

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Automated Interpretation

Automate award interpretation for complex construction EBAs – even manage multiple EBAs and awards simultaneously within a single system

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Maintaining Compliance

If workers are poorly managed on-site, they create huge business risks in terms of safety and compliance. Even contracted workers may fall unexpectedly under your organisation’s liability.


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Smart Rostering

Humanforce’s Smart Rosters helps you remain compliant while still maintaining tight margins, maximise efficiencies and staying competitive by managing your workforce to the minute.

Modern solutions make a difference for Mining & Energy Organisations

Humanforce’s industry-leading, automated labour management solution empowers Mining & Energy organisations to stay on-track and on-budget by eliminating complexity and minimising administrative burdens. See the Humanforce difference for yourself.

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Luke Loucas
Finance Director
Safe Work Laboratories

Pre-Humanforce, the process was extremely time consuming with significant duplication data entering timesheets to the payroll system. Where it took us probably close to a day for all data entry, it’s now instantaneous after approval, as this is directly integrated with the payroll platform.


  • Implementation of scalable, structured error-free workforce management system
  • Ability to grow employee base without needing to increase resources in the back office
  • Reduced time for timesheet data entries and resolving queries
  • Increased efficiency of payroll backend
  • Improved employee engagement, accurate record-keeping of employee shifts

Why Humanforce Works

Humanforce has transformed more than 1300 businesses, including many leading Mining & Energy Organisations. Here’s why we know we can help you achieve your business goals:

Winning Teams

Part-time and casual workers rate their team as the #1 main reason they enjoy their work.

Flexibility & Autonomy

More than 1/3 of staff are frustrated by a lack of flexibility for swapping, dropping, or picking up shifts.

Technology First

83% of job seekers would be more likely to accept an offer for casual or part-time work with an employer that utilises workforce technology.

Digital Preferences

74% of employees would prefer to use software for shift availability, rostering, payroll, and work time management.


Questions for Mining & Energy Organisations

For You
For Your Team

1. How are Rosters & Schedules distributed through Humanforce?

Never again hear someone tell you, “I didn’t see the roster!” Humanforce’s simple calendar view is available to all staff members on both the mobile app and website, along with a breakdown of their location, role, and department. As a result, everyone will know exactly where they need to be, and when they need to be there.

2. How does Humanforce help me manage my team better?


Industry Connectors

See everything you need from a central source with more than 100 integrations available. Need a custom integration? Humanforce can configure custom connections with a number of different payroll providers and industry platforms.

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Simplify the Process

When your mining systems speak directly with each other, you save time uploading, downloading, and reformatting data.

See Everything at Once

When all of your data is exactly where it needs to be, you gain a clearer idea of what’s going on in your mining business.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

When you know, at a glance, what’s going on in your mining organisation, you can make better, more informed business decisions.


Ready for the next shift?

Let Humanforce help make your Mining & Energy workforce exceptional.