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How a People-First Approach Drives Success in UK Care Homes

After almost three years of constant change in the UK’s care home sector, focusing on the employee experience will be critical to re-engaging and re-invigorating a tired workforce.

The employee experience in the UK’s care home sector

Ongoing efforts to ‘build back better’ rests with each employer’s ability to provide development opportunities to strengthen the skills and capabilities of workers, and a concerted effort to continuously engage a workforce that has had more than its share of challenges.

Evidence shows that a positive employee experience results in better experiences for all stakeholders, particularly residents, and innovative ways of designing and implementing better experiences for all are gaining traction. This will be critical given the skills shortage facing the sector. Attracting and retaining the right talent will be essential for future success.

Culture and communication

A positive employee experience has many components but at its core is a strong company culture, and a strong culture depends on effective communication and engagement with the workforce.

In a post-pandemic world, people want to hear from managers and leaders in a personal and authentic way. That means spending time listening as well as talking to employees, through the various channels available. Our eBook explores the types of communication deskless employees are receiving and what they want more of.

Digital transformation in care homes

Our eBook also explores how care home employers who operate a significant casual workforce stand to benefit from technology including sophisticated mobile apps for workforce management tasks such as rotas and scheduling, timesheet management, tracking leave and availability, and onboarding.

Modern workforce management software platforms can also enhance one-on-one and company-wide communication, produce insightful workforce analytics, and empower employees with self-service functions – including the ability to bid on shifts that better match their personal circumstances. With the Digital Health and Care Plan being rolled out, technology will continue to change how care homes function. Now is the time to consider how digital transformation can help not just with people management, but also the engagement of those people.

Building a better future for the care home workforce

Our eBook covers:

  • What’s at stake if the care home sector does not adapt
  • How to re-invigorate disengaged workers
  • How to unlock innovation and get the best from your employees
  • The role of technology in creating a memorable, powerful employee experience

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