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How to beat the talent crunch: 3 strategies for leaders of deskless workplaces

It’s never been tougher to find and recruit good talent. The pandemic and its aftermath has fundamentally shifted the candidate-employer power dynamic. Today, employers need to get creative about how they are sourcing and attracting talent.

A skills crisis 

Employers globally are still reeling from three years of significant disruption due to COVID-19. Even as the direct impact of the pandemic recedes, a talent shortage of historical scale has presented itself. Up to 75% of companies globally have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring – a 16-year high. Sectors dependent on deskless workers such as retail, hospitality, child care and healthcare have been heavily impacted, forcing employers to refresh the employee experience and review their employee value proposition (EVP).


Beating the talent crunch 

Whether your goal is to reduce time to hire and boost quality of hire, or you are looking to reduce reliance on recruitment agencies and labour hire companies to fill gaps, or you simply want to enhance your employer brand, the tips contained within our whitepaper can help. 

We take a deep dive into three strategies that employers of deskless workers can implement to navigate through this challenging time. These strategies include:


  1. Broadening the talent pool

    A shift is underway: employers are starting to look beyond the sometimes-narrow confines of who makes up the stereotypical “ideal” candidate. For diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging (DEIB) advocates, this is a welcome change. How can you diversify your talent pool?

  2. Creating a talent marketplace

    In the scramble to find talent externally, don’t forget about the talent right in front of you – or at least within your wider network or ecosystem. A talent marketplace can improve internal talent mobility, empowering employees to change roles, departments, and locations – but only with appropriate training and support. 

  3. Offering a total rewards package that includes continuous learning opportunities

    Creating upskilling opportunities for existing and new employees can be a smaller investment than hiring someone who has the perfect skills fit and needs little to no additional training. Providing those opportunities as part of a holistic total rewards package of financial and non-financial benefits can act as a powerful talent magnet. 

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