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Industry in Focus: Adult Social Care in England and Wales

Our ‘Industry in Focus’ series reviews the current and future people-related challenges facing key industries and uncovers the role that technology will play in resolving these challenges. In this edition, we look at adult social care in England and Wales, an industry that has been through more disruption than most over the past three years.

Adult social care in England and Wales

New challenges – and opportunities

Living longer is something to be celebrated, but with a growing ageing population there needs to be the services in place to support those who need it.

The past three years have been challenging for the adult social care sector in England and Wales. Providers have had to contend with significant health and safety issues relating to COVID-19, acute skills shortages, funding pressures, a growing need for digital transformation, and the Health and Care Act 2022.

However, where there are challenges there are also opportunities. As our Industry in Focus guide highlights, employers are implementing recruitment practises based on values and behaviours, offering better working conditions with autonomy and flexibility, embedding a culture of wellbeing, and rewarding good work are all needed to attract and retain the right staff.

They are also preparing for the Digital Health and Care Plan by digitising processes and record-keeping, investing in IT infrastructure, and upskilling employees.


The role of workforce management software

The challenges facing adult social care providers are multi-faceted and complex. There are no easy solutions. However, workforce management software is one investment that can reduce administrative and physical burdens on staff, freeing them up for more face-to-face care.

By automating and streamlining rotas and scheduling for HR and managers, as well as offering easy-to-use, mobile-friendly time & attendance and leave management capabilities for employees, employers can focus on meeting their compliance obligations while also enhancing the employee experience.


For further insights and tips on how to navigate through the challenges facing the adult social care sector in England and Wales, complete the form to download our fact sheet.