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Industry Toolkit: Social Care in the UK

The social care sector in the UK has had plenty of challenges over the past three years. From a game-changing and devastating pandemic to acute skills shortages and now an economic downturn, HR professionals have had their hands full maintaining ‘business as usual’. Thankfully, technology can help. Our handy industry toolkit outlines how.

Workforce management (WFM) technology can streamline people operations, improve the employee experience, and facilitate data-driven decision-making. Our handy industry toolkit outlines what to consider before investing in and implementing new WFM technology.

Digital transformation is a key priority for social care operators, yet the implementation of new technology can be challenging. Starting the process with an air-tight business case is critical. Our toolkit highlights essential elements to include in a business case, such as:

  • An outline of why your business needs new technology
  • An outline of the benefits to the whole organisation, including a focus on employee engagement and risk mitigation
  • The risks and viability of any digital transformation project
  • How the project will proceed, including a change management plan

Keen to automate and simplify workforce management processes in your organisation – and to win over key stakeholders to invest in new technology? Complete the form to download your toolkit.