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Strategic human resource management: A guide for deskless workplace leaders

The people-related issues facing employers today are daunting. Organisations are grappling with acute skills shortages, high employee turnover, and fatigued, disengaged workers – to name just a few challenges.

Why do you need a HR strategy?

While every organisation has been impacted by events of the past three years, the challenges have been even more acute for shift-based, roster-driven, frontline (or “deskless”) workplaces.

The global pandemic, the Great Resignation and the ongoing war for talent are important reminders that every business needs an underlying strategy, albeit one that can flex as circumstances change. The same applies to the HR function. While the day-to-day operations of HR remain critical, there’s simply too much at stake not to be operating strategically.

Defining strategic human resources

Strategic human resource management involves a future-oriented process of developing and implementing HR initiatives that address and solve business problems and directly contribute to major long-term business objectives. From talent acquisition through to the engagement, development and productivity of employees, the value of effective HR management has never been greater. Indeed, a business without a strategic HR function is akin to a boat without a rudder.

Developing and executing a HR strategy

Our whitepaper provides tips on how to plan and execute a HR strategy specifically for employers operating in deskless industries such as aged care, child care, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing. We outline:

  • Why new expectations from executives and employees are reinforcing the need for new human resource management strategies
  • The key components of a strategic approach to HR management
  • How to translate that approach into strategic HR activities and a strategic HR framework
  • How to incorporate the unique needs of deskless workers into a strategic HR plan
  • The role of a HR strategy in an increasingly agile world

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