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Rockpool Residential Aged Care

Established in 2019, Rockpool Residential Aged Care has a mission is to provide care and services that create an environment for residents, families and staff that is safe, secure, inclusive, contemplative, reflective and vibrant with life.

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Rockpool delivers premium care in its service offerings of residential permanent, respite, memory support and palliative care. In addition to delivering premium care, Rockpool offers support  to all of the resident families dealing with what is often a challenging and confronting stage in their loved one’s life.

Rockpool’s company values also prioritise its carefully selected staff, made up of highly qualified and experienced nurses, carers, chefs, administration and many others. Every Rockpool employee is a passionate team member contributing to the aged care provider’s vision of creating an environment that enables residents to live their best life, surrounded by people who care.

Humanforce has provided workforce management tools that enable the Rockpool team to provide residents and their families with the highest standard of care while verifying all staff qualifications fulfil industry compliance.


We spoke to:

Sydney Roberts, Marketing, PR & Communications  Manager, Rockpool Residential Aged Care.



With a broad and diverse range of roles across the organisation, Rockpool required a solution that managed employee qualifications and workflow to meet resident and industry requirements promptly and efficiently.

Consolidating accurate scheduling with appropriately qualified staff for particular shifts and job responsibilities were crucial.

“We required a simple, effective and user-friendly platform that allowed Rostering and HR to be an all in one platform,” explained Rockpool’s Marketing, PR & Communications  Manager, Sydney Roberts.

Monitoring and tracking employees’ shifts was critical to meeting safety and compliance requirements as well as staff retention, particularly in a highly challenging and regulated industry. This requirement was also exasperated by a global pandemic.



Humanforce’s cloud-based, intuitive platform has allowed Rockpool to improve its recruitment, workforce management and assist in fulfilling stringent industry compliance requirements.

With  175 end-users, Humanforce has assisted Rockpool’s administrators to efficiently organise documents and contracts for new staff before they begin employment, making onboarding a seamless process.

A significant improvement in workforce management has also enabled the timely delivery of performance reviews and compliance notifications.

Humanforce’s electronic document storage capabilities are an enormous benefits for Rockpool’s Human Resources team, keeping the organisation compliant with tracking employees’ records and qualifications

“The expiry of qualifications alerts (for our employees) is a game-changer for us!”

The ability to keep updated records in real-time plays huge benefits in assigning work to suitably qualified workers according to specific job roles and responsibilities which ensures Rockpool’s promise of delivery of premium care to residents. As a result, Rockpool has also leveraged the Humanforce Rostering software, ensuring accurate and error-free scheduling for their employees’ shifts. This also allows employees to bid on shifts from their mobile devices which has decreased the workload for filling vacant or unplanned leave of a coworker.

Through valuable resources such as training and ongoing support with the help desk, Rockpool’s end-users can continue to use the Humanforce platform with confidence and help them to improve their work productivity, and the care they deliver.

With aged care being a highly regulated industry, further compliance updates are still yet to occur from the Royal Commission. Humanforce has helped place Rockpool at a significant advantage, staying ahead and prepared for future industry changes. Rockpool’s HR processes are now seamless with industry compliance and will continue to do so with any future changes from the Royal Commission.



  • Establishing a user-friendly platform that integrated Rockpool’s rostering system with HR processes efficiently.
  • Increasing work productivity and workforce management while keeping accurate validation of staff qualifications.
  • Managing a broad and diverse range of employee qualifications and skillsets to create error-free, automated rostering and scheduling.
  • Maintaining compliance through quick and efficient tracking of staff’s qualification updates and documentation.
  • Implementing an efficient HR document organisation system to fulfill industry compliant requirements and for all future compliance changes.
  • Creating a seamless employee onboarding process with an efficient and easily accessible electronic document storage system.
  • Providing a new and effective platform for real-time communication and push notifications to a 24/7 workforce.