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Stadia & Events

From security to crowd control, and from bar services to A/V roles, hospitality, and more, stadia and event venue staffing requires complex rostering that accounts for highly specialised roles and qualifications. Managing events that requires 1000’s of staff performing 100’s of tasks can be both intuitive, easy and efficient.

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Responsive Labour Management

The key to managing event wage costs is employee self-service – including the ability to update availability online, send SMS and email rosters, find staff quickly to cover additional ticket sales, manage RSAs, track student visas, and confirm or bid on multiple shifts.


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Workforce Complexity

Stadia and event venues have diverse workforces, serving a wide range of roles, which makes management complex and difficult.

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Simple Drag-and-Drop Rosters

Humanforce measures availability, requirements, and other inputs to ensure your staffing meets your demand, without wasting costs or disrupting event budgets.

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High Turnover

Events require highly variable staffing, resulting in high rates of both voluntary and involuntary turnover.

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Automated Onboarding

Automated onboarding through Humanforce maintains staffing levels, smooths turnover, and creates the early engagement needed to retain top talent.

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Managing Contract Workers

If workers are poorly managed on-site, they create huge business risks in terms of safety and compliance. Even contracted workers may fall unexpectedly under your organisation’s liability.

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Smart Rostering

Humanforce’s Smart Rosters helps you remain compliant while still maintaining tight margins, maximise efficiencies and staying competitive by managing your workforce to the minute.

Modern solutions make a difference for Stadia & Events Venues

Enjoy responsive staffing and positive event ROI, thanks to total labour visibility. Manage wage costs based on ticket sales, send staff home as sales start to wane, or even balance roster costs against anticipated revenue.

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Alison Gray
Director Of Human Resources
Delaware North Companies UK

Humanforce is great for us in staffing, consistency is great, we can see where everyone has worked in the past, just a click of a button and then it’s on the screen. The time that we used to spend manually adding and changing times and people and hours of work, we can also do that as a bulk edit now, which is great for us.


  • Streamlined check-in processes save time and add security
  • Single platform to manage all operations and agency staff
  • Review and respond to live traffic, adjust rosters on the go based on demand

Humanforce is trusted by the following Events Organisations

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Why Humanforce Works

Humanforce has transformed more than 1300 businesses, including many leading Events organisations. Here’s why we know we can help you achieve your business goals:

Winning Teams

Part-time and casual workers rate their team as the #1 main reason they enjoy their work.

Flexibility & Autonomy

More than 1/3 of staff are frustrated by a lack of flexibility for swapping, dropping, or picking up shifts.

Technology First

83% of job seekers would be more likely to accept an offer for casual or part-time work with an employer that utilises workforce technology.

Digital Preferences

74% of employees would prefer to use software for shift availability, rostering, payroll, and work time management.


Questions for Events & Stadia organisations

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1. How much time can Humanforce save me and my team?

By some estimates, workforce management solutions can improve productivity by 20 per cent or more. Beyond the time-savings achieved through better productivity, Humanforce clients also reclaim time formerly spent manually reworking rosters, tracking compliance requirements, and managing payroll needs – all of which improve organisations’ bottom line, while also elevating patient service delivery.

2. How can Humanforce help reduce my event agency and overtime costs?


Industry Connectors

See everything you need from a central source with more than 100 integrations available. Need a custom integration? Humanforce can configure custom connections with a number of different payroll providers and industry platforms.

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Simplify the Process

When your events systems speak directly with each other, you save time uploading, downloading, and reformatting data.

See Everything at Once

When all of your event data is exactly where it needs to be, you gain a clearer idea of what’s going on in your business.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

When you know, at a glance, what’s going on in your events organisation, you can make better, more informed business decisions.


Ready for the next shift?

Let Humanforce help make your Events & Stadia workforce exceptional.