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CFOs and CHROs: The power of collaboration

The finance and HR teams of a business can be critical enablers of digital transformation, but only if a collaborative approach is taken. Discover how to strengthen the CFO / CHRO bond and why it’s essential not only for getting HR technology investments over the line, but also for overall business success.

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The finance / HR union

The global pandemic tested executive teams like never before and reinforced the importance of cross-functional collaboration to sustain business operations through challenging times. For some CFOs and CHROs, this may have been easier said than done.

Traditionally, CFOs have been numbers-driven, often viewing human capital as a cost, whereas CHROs have been all about people, viewing human capital as an asset that requires investment. Fortunately, times have changed. Not only do many CFOs today have a greater appreciation of the value that engaged, productive employees can deliver to their business, but CHROs have bolstered their knowledge and use of metrics and data – the true language of business. However, there’s still work to be done. Our eBook outlines what both sides can do to do to meet in the middle.

A new era for HR technology

An advanced level of HR / finance collaboration is essential to get any people-related initiative off the ground, but it’s also important for any investments into HR technology. There are new expectations from executives, HR and employees around what HR tech can deliver, but any type of investment starts with a solid business case, and, ideally, a solid HR / finance partnership.

Tips for building an effective HR / finance alliance

Our eBook provides tips on what each department can learn from the other. We outline:

  • Why demand for new HR technology has grown exponentially since the global pandemic
  • How HR can use data, metrics and analytics to build a business case for new technology investment
  • How to link the potential qualitative and quantitative benefits of HR technology to business objectives
  • How appropriate HR analytics can help CFOs build strategic insight, identify patterns and risks, consolidate resources, and forecast ahead

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