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Humanforce Thrive

Help your employees thrive and build their financial wellbeing

Humanforce Thrive helps you to improve your time-to-hire, retention and productivity levels by giving staff the tools to take control of their financial lives.

  • Fill more shifts – employees who use Thrive work 11% more hours
  • Reduce staff turnover – Thrive can decrease turnover by up to 16%
  • Attract staff quicker – time-to-hire is reduced by 8 days on average with Thrive

Offered by employers of choice and loved by their employees


Money tools that can make a big difference to employee wellbeing and engagement

Thrive Track
Thrive Access
Thrive Grow

Track work hours and pay

Make it easy for employees to see their earnings grown in real-time. So, they can budget confidently and pick up any extra shifts when needed.


  • Builds engagement with money
  • Removes financial guesswork
  • Prevents financial shortfalls from happening

Empower your employees with Thrive Learn

Thrive Learn gives your employees access to best-practice financial education, individually tailored based on their reported financial wellbeing scores. This helps them increase awareness of behavioural barriers to financial fitness, as well as providing actionable steps to overcome them.


Questions about Humanforce Thrive

For You
For Your Team

1. What benefit does Thrive give my company?

Thrive helps attract talent to your business and retain the ones you do have. By offering financial wellness to employees, you stand out from other employers and become an employer of choice. It also helps to encourage shift uptake as they have more awareness of their finances and are more likely to work overtime or take a last-minute shift offering. Finally, healthy and happy employees – whether that’s physically, mentally or financially, are more likely to be productive employees as well, which ultimately impacts your bottom-line.

2. How can I get Thrive as an existing customer?

3. What is the Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) and how is Thrive involved?


What our customers say

Zahra Peggs
Group Executive, People and Corporate Affairs at TSA Group

When people begin to understand what flexible pay can mean for them and how they manage their money, it really changes their perception of what a role at TSA Group can offer them.

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