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From 80 year-olds newly using Zoom to families increasingly handling their buying online, we have seen more widespread utilisation of technology occur in the months since the pandemic has emerged than in many years prior. Even after the pandemic ends, many of these changes are unlikely to return to their former ‘normal’, and organisations have to adapt.

Today’s consumers are also today’s employees. Everyone from HR executives to frontline managers understands the value of employing and retaining highly engaged people. But never has employee retention been more important than it is today as we all try to manage disruptions caused by COVID-19. Organisations must consider changing their processes and making significant improvements in their technology in order to support the evolving needs of their workers in this changing world.

This paper will delve into the current challenges impacting retention, as well as provide actionable insights to help you boost staff longevity within your organisation. Special focus will be given to the modern workforce of the ‘casual economy’ of mobile and contingent workers, how they have been impacted by COVID-19, and how you can leverage them in ways that benefit your organisation and your customers.

Improving Worker Retention in Challenging Times

There is no doubt that the emergence of COVID-19 has brought a rapid adoption of technology in all segments of the population.