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Industry in Focus: Events and Stadia in Australia

Our ‘Industry in Focus’ series reviews the current and future people-related challenges facing key industries and uncovers the role that technology will play in resolving those challenges. In this edition, we look at events and stadia – a sector that has rebounded after a tough three years but is facing serious talent challenges.

Events and stadia factsheet

Post-pandemic people challenges 

From guest services to ticketing and sales, through to security, catering and cleaning, the list of job roles that contribute to putting on a sporting, entertainment or business-related event is daunting. And while the pandemic caused major disruption to Australia’s workforce, the impact was most acutely felt in those sectors that rely heavily on temporary skilled migrants and casual workers, including stadia and events. Fortunately, the sector has rebounded and events are now back – but with that rebound comes significant HR challenges, including: 

A significant skills shortage 
It’s not so much about a skills shortage as it is a shortage of people, full-stop. During the pandemic, many international workers left Australia and others left the industry to seek work elsewhere. Many have been slow to return, having been attracted to better pay in industries that require working Monday to Friday with weekends off – conditions that don’t apply to events and stadia workers. 

High employee turnover 
According to a March 2022 survey1, 84% of events employees intended to change jobs or could be open to changing jobs in the next 12 months. Salary and career advancement were the two most-cited reasons for people looking to change. 

The perception of limited career opportunities 
The industry recruits many young, often casual workers. This contributes to high employee turnover. These workers may not see the long-term career prospects on offer and may see their job in the sector as a stepping stone to better pay and conditions in other industries.



To thrive in 2023 and beyond, employers need to understand the motivators of employees, as it’s not all about money. The overall employee experience is critical, especially for the many younger workers that this industry attracts. Leading employers will be prioritising learning opportunities, career paths, benefits and the tools and technology used at work. 

Industry in Focus 

Our concise guide outlines the current people-related challenges facing events and stadia employers in more detail. It also provides insight into how these challenges are being navigated – including how optimising employee rosters and careful scheduling with workforce management software can help ease the pressures of skills shortages and high employee turnover. 

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