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The UK: Three Pillars of a Stronger Workforce

Governments and organisations are also responding in ways that bolster economic health and citizens’ health and safety. It’s happening at every level – from families and small businesses to large private companies and governmental bodies. For example, over one million employees won’t be returning to the office, and more companies are re-evaluating their office space and considering more flexible and better-designed options.

The COVID-19 induced changes have established a ‘new normal’. So, it’s crucial your brand finds ways to navigate your new reality successfully to win in the post-lockdown market. However, there are many complex elements to this balancing act, like knowing when to cut costs, invest in digital transformation, staffing options and company restructures. These decisions make it challenging to know the right steps to take the new normal and prepare your workforce to succeed in this era.

In this eBook, we’ll dive into the new normal and what it looks like in the UK. We’ll also break down the three pillars of a stronger, safer, and more productive workforce, including why they’re important and how they impact key business areas now and in the future.